Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our well-established Litigation practice handles high profile cases spanning a wide range of industries and sectors within Jordan including pharmaceuticals, oil, gas and energy, insurance, shipping, construction and telecommunications. Furthermore, our litigators handle high value cross-border litigation matters in relation to aviation, shipping, transport and international trade. Our litigators have made their mark in practicing Jordanian law and have set several precedents in the Jordanian court systems. They have an in-depth knowledge of the law and the judicial system in Jordan and advise on strategy to ensure that our clients’ commercial objectives are achieved.
Both the legal and business communities in Jordan have increasingly shown a preference for arbitration as a forum for dispute resolution. Hence our firm has developed a high range of skills in alternative dispute resolution in Jordanian and international law, and is now recognized in Jordan as a leader in domestic and international alternative dispute resolution.
Our services cover all aspects of mediation, arbitration and negotiation. Our litigators, supported by our corporate lawyers, provide top quality services with the aim of reaching a practical and satisfactory resolution for clients’ disputes whilst achieving their commercial objectives. Our litigators also have extensive experience serving as court-ordered arbitrators and expert witnesses.